04-05-2014 255s

Hoh Rainforest

When i visited the Hoh Rainforest on my birthday this year it poured the whole time. and i mean POURED. I got one good shot from the day.. the rest of my pics look like that last one i posted :D

04-05-2014 111d04-05-2014 511

04-01-2014 450x

Victoria Canada from Hurricane Ridge

I was up Hurricane Ridge Road on 04-01-2014 and it was a nice sunny clear day. clear enough to get a great view of Victoria Canada across the way.  My 300 zoom lens isnt that great, i need to invest into a better one soon!

04-01-2014 450x

Panorama 3d

Sol Duc Falls

Tom and I walked out to Sol Duc Falls for my birthday hike this year in april. It was a magical place!

04-30-2014 009fzzdd copy

Port Angeles Sunset 04-30-2014

It occurred to me this week that i haven’t updated my blog in quite awhile!

So here is a Port Angeles, Washington waterfront sunset on 04-30-2014

03-27-2014 198x

Ediz Hook

I was waiting for a rainbow on Ediz Hook tonight but I apparently had just missed it. The sun went behind the clouds right when i turned onto the hook. :/ Still got some good shots of Port Angeles though!

03-27-2014 051

Hurricane Ridge Road

Drove up to the Heart of the Hills Entrance Station today to see if there were any scenic views on the drive. The entrance is about 6 miles from my apartment up the mountains. I didn’t have my tripod with me so not such great pics, but i can already tell its going to be beautiful up there once i can get in!

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