all about RenovationsĀ 

I think I’m going to use my photography blog for a little bit for a home improvement blog. I haven’t been able to take photographs lately with the amount of time we’ve been trying to get paint off random household things. I’d like to keep a proper log of everything we are doing, so here…

Google Reverse Image Search

The night before last I decided to do a reverse look up of some of my images i haven’t checked on in awhile. There are images that i have that people have taken them off my websites and manipulated them to their liking. Some have even cut out my copyright and added their own. Tumblr…

A dry day in the forest

means mosquitos and flies. never again will i go to the Hoh Rainforest without it actually raining! šŸ˜€ I have more to upload from this summer day in July; I’ll get to it tomorrow !

Pictures lost on a faulty hard drive

I havent quite found these pictures yet on the externals and cds but hopefully i will come across them. It was another trip up to Hurricane Ridge a couple months ago. These I got off my facebook page!

Foggy Night on the hook

We were having a super foggy night and i decided to drive out to Ediz Hook to check out the scene. Basically you couldnt see two feet in front of you so it was a bit of a failed experiment. But did get one pretty picture from the venture.

Fall Foliage

I drove down Deer Park Road for the first time ever and ended up turning around at the park entrance. I got a few pretty shots of the fall foliage though on the way up. I will have to see if my tiny sports car can make it on the gravel road next time.. maybe…..

I am absolutely horrible at updating posts on time

I take the photos yes, but i feel i need an assistant to actually make blog posts. One day I will find more time to get devoted to this!!!!! I will say though in the last month, we’ve had a hard drive crash, had to buy a new hard-drive, than realized we didn’t have any…

Hurricane Ridge Sunset

Drove up to Hurricane Ridge to get a picture of the super moon and instead ended up seeing a great sundown up there. Oh and I did get 1 picture of the moon from the helipad at the hospital.