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I think I’m going to use my photography blog for a little bit for a home improvement blog. I haven’t been able to take photographs lately with the amount of time we’ve been trying to get paint off random household things. I’d like to keep a proper log of everything we are doing, so here goes šŸ˜

Last Chance to vote for #portangeles for best town tonight!


Please go to

put in your vote before 9pm Pacific!

It’s come to my attention

That I have not updated my blog in 6 months.


So let me take a moment to mention the Best towns 2015 contest. Please go vote for Port Angeles we are in the final 2!


Google Reverse Image Search

The night before last I decided to do a reverse look up of some of my images i haven’t checked on in awhile. There are images that i have that people have taken them off my websites and manipulated them to their liking. Some have even cut out my copyright and added their own. Tumblr and Pinterest seem to be popular places for these images. I once had to sue a company for illegally using a photograph of mine but that’s as much as i can say as in order to get the money for the image i had to sign a disclosure that i will never mention it for the rest of my life.

So google reverse image search is my friend to say the least.

Never however have I came across someone using one of my photos to sell personalized items on Ebay. Just because you’re in the UK guy (mon memories) doesn’t mean I wont find out. As you all know I sell a meerkat chistmas card on and I took this photo of these meerkats at the zoo, than added santa hats to them later.

This ebay user has decided to swipe my photo and use it to make money.


As of today.. 21 mugs have been sold.


And there is a pillow too.

So i contacted eBay and reported the seller two days ago, but I haven’t heard back yet.

Anyway the point of this is, if you’re a photographer and you have some popular images in your collection, just check on them from time to time.

Also, I dislike very much evil people.

A dry day in the forest

07-15-2014 299s07-15-2014 056da07-15-2014 315means mosquitos and flies. never again will i go to the Hoh Rainforest without it actually raining!šŸ˜€ I have more to upload from this summer day in July; I’ll get to it tomorrow !

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