Roadtrip 2007 Start

05-18-07 Roadtrip Start
05-18-07 I picked up Rick and Rina from the Louisville airport around 1130am and brought them back to my place so we could settle in and talk about the trip. I had made itineraries for Rina and Rick but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Rick when he got his was shocked to find that I didn’t make one for myself so he copied all the pages and made one for me. So sweet of him. I remember it being really weird to see Rick with a shaved head. So weird……

Here’s Rick showing off his backpack.
We headed over to Rocky’s Italian Grill for some lunch.and then headed over to my salon to donate 13 inches of my hair to the hair needy. It was really long, and it was really weird to have it all just cut off so quickly.

Here’s Rick doing the talk to the hand bit to Rina, and Rina putting about 5 cups of sugar in her coffee.

Anyway we went over to Slugger Museum for a tour afterward, I have a lot of Slugger pics from the trip already up on my photo blog if you want to check them out.
Louisville Slugger Museum PicturesAfter we left there we went to visit my bro at the starks building so we could get a roof view of louisville. It was Ricks first time in Kentucky and Rinas second time.

The strangest sticker I’ve ever seen on a roof access door. 😀

Rina trying to stick Rick in the garbage can outside. and looking down on 4th street live.

After this my brother kidnapped us for the rest of the evening. First he drove us to Bardstown Road to get some Starbucks, then he proceeded to drive around Cherokee Park. Then he made us walk in the woods in Cherokee Park, afterwards we went to his apartment for a beer, and then broke away to get back to my place and go over the game plan for renting the vehicle the next morning.

Rick and Rina sporting the “joke buttons” I mailed them earlier in the year.

Cherokee Park walk with my brother.

Here is Rick and Rina trying to find naked woman in apartments with their binoculars.

We were officially kidnapped by my brother from 4:15 to 7:30pm.


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