Roadtrip 2007 Colorado/Arizona

05-22-07 Roadtrip - Colorado/Arizona
After packing up and leaving Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado we pulled over and saw this great scene. Right after this I made Rina pull the car over so I could drive. I absolutely do not trust Floridians driving in the snow, especially if they’ve never seen snow before. Rina was so thrilled to see snow she jumped out of the car and started throwing her first snow balls at Ricardo and I. Well we waited in the car because we’ve seen snow and it was cold but it was fun to watch Rina go out it and she wiped out as well and sprained her ankle a bit. She wasn’t too thrilled about that. After that at least she stopped the silent treatment we were getting from her the last 300 to 400 miles…
More pics after the jump…

+37° 28′ 58.77″, -106° 48′ 8.59″
The Great Continental Divide

We filled up the gas tank at 1,650 miles into the trip for $44.00 while stopping off in a town called Pagosa Springs for beverages etc. It reminded me a little bit of Gatlinburg in Tennessee. We went inside a place called Rainbow Gift Shop so i could purchase my usual souvenirs, this time though I bought a hot pink piece of rock and some pins for my collectible pin framed thing. The rock sits on my dresser at home now with jewelry chilling on it. They had a statue of two wolves that reminded me of my parents Malamutes, I wanted to get it but talked myself out of it. Later we realized that in the center of town is a hot spring that we completely missed. Disappointing as the pictures online of it look really cool we just missed it as we never got off San Juan Street/Hwy160.After the stop in Pagosa Springs, Ricardo took the wheel and decided to drive right on past Mesa Verde. He said we needed to get to Monument Valley before sunset if I wanted to see it. Really i think he had no interest in seeing Mesa Verde as he wasn’t sure what it was and he was really excited about seeing the 4 corners. There’s nothing i could do I wasn’t driving.

A page from my travel journal:
“We passed up Mesa Verde as it was getting late and headed for the four corners. Well it was raining so that place wasn’t exciting. Rina had to use a porta-potty which was hilarious! Ricardo backed the car up to her door so she couldn’t get out. It was the worse smell ever and when he finally moved the car and she jumped in we witnessed the nauseating smell. It was awful. The only thing we got out of the experience was we were in New Mexico for about 3 minutes! We took 160 to Page, AZ. We thought we were driving to Monument Valley but we only saw a small portion of it. I think 163 is the highway you need to take to see it. The rain let up just enough to let me get a good sunset picture before night fall. “

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