Roadtrip 2007 Navajo Bridge – Arizona

05-23-07 Navajo Bridge - Arizona

“We got to the Navajo Bridge to walk across it, right when I was taking my first picture my camera battery died. AHHHH. That reminds me I need to get a backup battery. I persuaded Rick, well i begged Rick to give me his camera after he was finished taking the pictures he wanted to take. I fired off a few shots and we chilled on the bridge for a few minutes. Oddly enough I haven’t got any pictures of the bridge we stood on (the old Navajo Bridge) I just have pictures of the new one while standing on the old.”

More pics after the jump…

“When I was driving through Marble Canyon I saw the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen in my life and I had no camera. This always seems to happen right? I reached in the backseat and basically took Ricks camera out of his hands. It’s good to have such patient friends close to you sometimes, I do this with my family as well. I wasn’t going to be able to set Ricks camera up with my tripod so i decided to use the hood of the car and act like it was a body of water and use the reflection on top to my advantage. Ricardo thought this was pure genius and has been completely in awe of this since it happened. At this point I had been driving between 4.5 and 5 hours so I handed over the wheel to Rick and the map to Rina. I took my place in the backseat lying down to sleep. Our next stop was to be The Grand Canyon!”


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