Roadtrip 2007 Arizona

“From Hwy 89 you take 64 to get to the Grand Canyon. There are signs everywhere, BIG. GREEN. Grand Canyon Signs. At some point when I was sleeping Ricardo and Rina made it to Flagstaff and jumped onto I-40 west. They were so excited to wake me up in Kingman, Arizona to say they had found a hotel and we were just stopping off for gasoline and to get food/drinks/etc. After all they had been driving almost 4 hours and were so excited at the progress they had made. I immediately said Kingman? Kingman? Where the fuck is Kingman?..Give me the map. Rina handed over the map and I studied it to see what was happening when i was asleep. I waited until Rick got back in the car and said “Why did you pass up the Grand Canyon?” and they both had no idea what i was talking about. “The Grand Canyon, why did you pass it up?” Both individuals argued and argued their point of they hadn’t passed it up. we still hadn’t reached it yet. Just look at the map Liz this is the south rim, this is the north, it got too dark to make it to the north rim remember, so were going to the south rim. What? I said. Did you check the itinerary? Did you look at the map? Do you remember me giving you directions before i went to sleep?!!?! Whatever I said that night i was absolutely wrong. They were right, I was wrong. And this was coming from two floridians, one thing you realize if you ever move to Florida, none of the people there use the four cardinal points. Which are east, west, north, and south. Everywhere else I’ve lived people know how to tell directions, just not Floridians. I have no idea why.”

I had just single handedly planned this trip for 6 months and pretty much knew everything about it. God forbid I fall asleep during it. Still to this day i can’t figure out why they didn’t get my point that night that in fact they had passed the Grand Canyon. Here’s a map to give you a visual of what i was dealing with .The fact still remains they passed up the Grand Canyon by194 miles.

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