Roadtrip 2007 Bryce Canyon

05-23-07 Roadtrip - Bryce Canyon
3:16 p.m. Our arrival time into Bryce Canyon. I originally had plans for us to spend the night there, but Rina and Ricardo decided $100 was over our budget for a hotel room for one night. I immediately had to find a gift shop and buy a hooded sweatshirt, it was FREEEZINNNG. Of course my debit/credit card decided not to work so Rina loaned me the cash for the $21.40 souvenir. We ended up hanging out in the canyon til 5:30pm and went out to the main gate area to check out those gift shops and fill up $44 in gas at 2,223 miles into our journey. My card decided to start working again closer to civilization so i seriously had a Bryce Canyon spending spree for souvenirs. Oddly enough it was a good thing i got the hoodie as it started snowing while we were there….
More pics after the jump….

The only Travel Journal Entry for Bryce Canyon:
“One of the most beautiful places on Earth.”

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