Roadtrip 2007 Page, Arizona

05-23-07 Roadtrip - Page, Arizona

More pics after the jump…

A page from my travel journal:“We rolled into Page, Arizona and checked out a few hotels til we settled in a motel called Pageboy Motel. It was the cutest little place with friendly people and great landscaping. The town closes down at like 8pm though, Including the Walmart. I’m pretty sure it was my turn to sleep on the floor but I somehow convinced Ricardo to share half of his bed. Muhahahaha. The room was only $50.00”
“We woke up early to rain, surprise! We decided this would be a good time to visit a laundry mat. We put our clothes to wash and headed off for breakfast. We ordered the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve had in all my life. Seriously.”
(Could have been called Bean’s Gourmet Coffee House)

After we finished our weeks worth of laundry we headed down Scenic View Drive to see parts of Lake Powell. It was pissing down rain and we saw absolutely nothing. I got one good shot off before I realized my camera was getting increasingly wet, and water drops kept showing up on my lens in the shots I finally gave up and Ricardo and i ran back to the car. We headed over Glen Canyon Bridge to the Carl Hayden Visitor Center to check out the dam from inside without being pelted with rain.Due to the rain in the area we missed Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, and Horseshoe Bend. I really must go back to Page, Arizona and spend a month. There is so much to do there!


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