roadtrip 2007 Buck and Doe Road & Route 66

05-24-07 Buck and Doe Road & Route 66

Journal Entry: “We left Kingman, AZ and traveled on Route 66 all the way to Peach Springs (aka Radiator Springs). There was another way to get to Grand Canyon West but I wanted to travel on Route 66 for awhile. I had figured we would leave Grand Canyon South Rim and jump on 66 in Seligman and take it back down to I-40 then we could head to Las Vegas. Since the new events of the morning of actually being in Kingman already, we would have to do some backtracking. 50 miles of backtracking actually. ” We arrived in Peach Springs and couldn’t figure out how to get to Grand Canyon West, so Rick decided to stop at a free health clinic and go in and ask for directions. He came back out and said he knew the way. The Navajo Indian woman inside told him to turn around, go back a mile or two and turn onto Buck and Doe Road. This would take us all the way to the Grand Canyon. She said it was gravel but it wasn’t bad, that our car would most definitely make it. A good 5 miles into the route Rick tells us that before he asked for directions that he accidentally stepped on her toes. She was wearing sandals and she looked quite annoyed at him, so he asked her the directions. At this Rina and i thought What? Do you think we should really follow her directions then?!?! To this Ricardo just soldiered on. And so begins the journey of Buck and Doe Road.”

“Possibly the Longest, Scariest Road in Arizona. We didn’t think we would ever make it anywhere there weren’t any signs to be seen either, the entire time we were praying we wouldn’t run out of gas. There was however a truck missing a tire broken down with no humans around. Indeed our minds made up stories that could make it in horror classics. It was indeed 49 miles of pure hell if you’re afraid of heights and don’t like rocky roads, and wish you had gotten the car insurance when you rented the vehicle. It was Craziness!! Everyone at Grand Canyon West said that only locals take Buck and Doe road. That they grew up on it and travel it at 50mph. What the hell Ricardo drove between 5-15mph the entire way. It took us like 4-5 hours to reach the Grand Canyon West. Hill after hill I kept thinking…ok it’ll be over the next one, and with each rise you could see the next 3 miles of wandering in and out of more hills. “Never Again.

For the record: I begged Ricardo to let me drive but he thought I would drive too fast and kill us. Believe me a girl from the country can drive on gravel better than a Floridian from NYC. That is just a common fact. But then again.. I’m still alive.


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  1. Marcin says:

    We had almost exactly the same situation. In October 2007 My girlfriend and I were visiting Grand Canyon Skywalk on our way through the west side of USA. We visited Skywalk and around 5 PM we started our way back through Peach Springs and further. On the map I’ve seen shortcut it was Buck and Doe road and we chosen it. We thought that the road will be good, but it was as you written (for my girlfriend almost hell:). In addition it started to get dark. Insted of shortcut we were driving almost 2,5 hours in the dark. The road was very bumpy and dangerous. Good that the weather were nice (clean sky and warm). It was like travelling through the moon. No one outside and darkness. Our car was rented and it wasn’t jeep. it was economy car – Chevrolet Cobalt. Everything finished good, but I was scared too. Maybe not as much as my girlfriend but some moments were tough. We’re from Poland and we have also couple shitty roads but Buck an Doe really is dangerous especially at night. For sure views were beautiful but we haven’t seen anything through the darkness. We’re planning to come back to USA and visit one more time Grand Canyon. We want eaven to ride one more time this road, but not at night. We want to see this views. It’s cool to look on your photos from there. We see now what we missed:)
    Summing. I’m not recomending anybody to start driving this road after 5PM because it’s impossibe to make through when there is still daylight (maybe in early summer only). For experienced drivers it shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s not a joke. The road is dangerous and there won’t be anybody to help if something will happen. When we were driving this road we didn’t met anybody throught whole way to Peach Springs.

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