roadtrip 2007 Grand Canyon West

05-24-07 Grand Canyon West
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Now owned by the Hualapai Tribe. Here’s the thing. After not dying on Buck and Doe Road we were really surprised we just couldn’t park and walk up to see the Grand Canyon. And of course since we were on Indian land my National Park Passport I bought for $80 and had already used in like 5 different parks thus far was non existent. Instead we had to wait in a line for 45 minutes to buy tickets for $49.95 each. That’s $150 for us to see the Grand Canyon. I would like to point out we would be $150 richer if Ricardo and Rina hadn’t passed up the real Grand Canyon (where we could have used my National Park Pass). They do have this great thing now called The Skywalk Glass Bridge, but you have to add $29.95 to your $49.95. And they have a rather big chain fence around it so there’s no sneaking in. From recently looking at their website it looks like they have lowered the price for the tour from $50 to $30. What you do is park your vechicle, buy a ticket, wait to get on a bus, and they drop you off at several locations on the Grand Canyon West route, and there’s a lunch at one of the last stops, so you can eat at the Grand Canyon as well.
If you look closely on your ticket that you’ve just purchased(which has been glued into my travel journal) it states:

You will not use any photographs (including film, still, video, or otherwise) of the Tribe’s land and the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, and Skywalk), directly or indirectly, for profit (including any advertisement, news release or publication), without first obtaining the necessary written approvals and permits. management reserves all rights.

So while I was there if I had taken a really good picture i can’t sell it all? What the hell? I can understand if it’s a picture of the Skywalk. But holding the rights to the Grand Canyon itself and the Colorado River? Good thing i didn’t take any good pictures while there! As a photographer this just really sucks. Anyway i think that’s pretty ridiculous what they are asking for. I’m even part Cherokee Indian and i believe its unbelievable. Also on the ticket it releases them from any accident you get into while you’re on their land, which would be completely fine if their bus drivers didn’t drive like maniacs. Every time i got on a bus I prayed for my life, and that is no joke. Overall I think if your coming from Las Vegas its the easiest option to see the Grand Canyon. They offer white water rafting, the Skywalk which really looks like a unique experience, helicopter rides, and different bus stops along the rim. But if you’re students or photographers and you’re driving across country i think the Grand Canyon park north and south rim are the options to take.


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  1. alleyk says:

    Sorry to hear that your experience at GC West came with a big sticker shock, but your photos are fantastic. Have a good one.

    Alley Kaye

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