roadtrip 2007 Hoover Dam and onto Las Vegas

“We stopped into Hoover Dam. I guess I didn’t get a postcard of Hoover Dam, but we stopped there. We visited the gift shop and I tried to get a couple night shots off. Certainly not the best pictures I’ve taken of Hoover Dam, but I was expecting to go back the next day for a tour.”

“The first thing we did in Vegas was watch Ricardo wash the car. It was pretty funny, that’s on video somewhere. The car was filthy beyond belief. We got to Las Vegas about 12:30a.m., we ate at I-HOP, and were too tired to do anything afterwards so we went back to the hotel room, we just needed a rest. I booked us a room two nights at the Stratosphere, came out to $28o I believe. Nice Hotel, enjoyed it very much. “

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