roadtrip 2007 Las Vegas, Nevada 10pm-6am

05-25-07 Las Vegas, Nevada 10pm-6am
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“Rick and I went on a nightly excursion the second night. We took a taxi down to the Luxor and walked through all the hotels on that end of the strip. On our way back we got to video a guy singing Hey Jude at an outside bar. The guy was just completely gone, it’s a great bit of film. The song stuck and everyone on the street was singing it for blocks and blocks down the strip. We then walked down to the Paris hotel to get a cab. Our cab drivers name was Abby from Ethiopia. She convinced to take a really drunk Indian guy to where ever he wanted to go, he seemed like a cool guy, but i really don’t think he had anywhere to go. We videoed the entire encounter, it was the best taxi ride I’ve ever had. I have to say this was one of the more non eventful Las Vegas visits. I just wanted to show Ricardo around cause he had never been, and i knew Rina was just going to gamble the whole time we were there. By the time we left I was feeling seriously ill.”

“When we were going up the stratosphere I actually started to tearing up. I was terrified. I can’t believe the rides they have at the top. It’s just insane. For some reason this year I develpoed a huge fear of heights, especially on this trip.”

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  1. Richard says:

    Wonderful night photography. Looks like Vegas is a city full of life.

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