Roadtrip 2007 Leaving Las Vegas

05-26-07 Leaving Las Vegas
And onto Huntington Beach
More pics after the jump…

” I didn’t take many pictures from Las Vegas to Huntington Beach. Rina drove us the whole way and Rick and I pretty much slept the whole way. Getting back to the hotel room at 4am(eastern time) and then getting up at 8am didn’t really do us much justice. It was so great to pull up to my sisters house and see Sonya and Mitch again. We had a great dinner that night that involved actual real food and relaxed til 11pm or so when Ricardo made it a point that he needed to find a Dunkin’ Donuts immediately. Ricardo has this thing about sweet food and candy etc. Sonya went with us as we drove all around town in the wee hours of the night with never being able to find Rick any donuts.”

Pictures above of interest:

I had made Rick and Rina buttons before the road trip and mailed them with their itineraries and Louisville gifts before we left. When i picked them up from the airport, they were wearing them. Then they made me make myself one and yelled at me the entire trip every time wasn’t wearing it. The buttons said “I am going on the Liz Morrison Experience Road Trip 2007”. When the roadtrip started they scratched out the word going.

The other is a picture of a Porsche magazine I found in my sisters bathroom. She had taken a picture of her and Mitch and pasted them inside the porshe. I thought it was hilarious.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    love it, good times, good times!
    xoxo sonya

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