Roadtrip 2007 Jackpot, Nevada

5-29-2007 Jackpot, Nevada
Rina drove out of San Fran around 7pm eastern/4pm pacific but as soon as the sun started going down she pulled over and I took over driving.. which was like in Oakland. lol Rina really cant see when the sun starts setting at all. It’s seriously scary. I love the postcard I bought from where we spent the night after leaving California. I was still sick and trying to get over it but drove from Oakland to I have no idea where. I apparently asked Rina and Ricardo if they had seen the miniature unicorn that ran across the road and they made me pull over and I slept in the back of the car til they found a hotel. I remember being woke up that they had a room, i grabbed my suitcase and barely wheeled it to the room. I’m not even sure I changed clothes before passing out in the hotel room. When I woke up I was completely cured of all sickness though and felt completely recharged.. I even bought powdered donuts and sprite for breakfast. ugh.. the thought of eating that now makes me want to hurl.

Journal Entry from above (not much happened apparently on the drive):

“After driving into the night while dodging jackrabbits and apparently seeing miniature unicorns we got to this town on the border to sleep. “

Come to think of it a lot of stuff happened on the drive and Rina had the camcorder out recording it all. Rick decided he was going to stay awake with me so i wouldn’t fall asleep driving and this involved him singing …loudly… every song on his notebook. He was seriously acting like a crackhead.


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