Roadtrip 2007 To Yellowstone we Go..

5-30-2007 To Yellowstone we Go..
I apparently drove from Jackpot, Nevada to West Yellowstone because all my pictures are from the driver seat of the car and I do remember Rick and Rina sleeping and me trying to wake them up so they could see the scenery I was seeing. One of these days I have to sit down and edit these pictures, so they will be usable…..
More pics after the break..

Cliff notes for the journal entry above:
“It must be the altitude.” “It’s all the pressure up here.”

OK..look. I know a lot of useless information. I can’t help it, I just know all kinds of shit no one in their right mind knows. I know a lot about everything actually. I don’t pretend to be a know it all, but if I get asked a legitimate question, I’m going to answer it the best I know how. Ricardo and Rina ask a lot of questions, and in turn.. I answer a lot of questions. I’m sorry I just know things, and if you don’t want all your questions answered than just don’t ask me them damn it! When Ricardo and I lived together there were always questions, I would then answer and no one would believe me. ALWAYS, I would have to go to the computer and look up the answer to prove to everyone that I wasn’t just lying, or just answering the question to answer. I was also annoyingly always right by the way. I really dislike it when people (rick and rina) think I’m just bullshitting them. So this entire road trip thus far, had me answering a lot of questions. I got so tired of being called a liar by the time we reached Yellowstone I decided my only two answers were going to be “It must be the altitude.” and “It’s all the pressure up here.” It didn’t matter what the question was, those were my answers. It ended up being really funny, I guess its one of those you had to be there moments, but from then on every time I asked a question, those were the answers I received. What was also bizarre was most of the questions Rick and Rina had in Yellowstone, those answers pretty much worked every time anyway.


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