roadtrip 2007 Waking up in Wyoming

05-31-2007 Waking up in Wyoming
The next day Ricardo took the drivers wheel and I tried to take as many shots as possible out the window. There would be no stopping on this day apparently. This is the first time I’m looking at some of these pictures, and I really wish we would have stopped off more often, some of the landscapes looked pretty neat. It was raining though so I guess it was for the best….
More pics after the break…

We stumbled on a wonderful place called Shell Falls.

They warned us that some of the roads past the falls were being closed down due to snow, so I immediately took over driving when we got back outside. I just feel more comfortable driving in snow, I mean if you were to go on a road trip with a Puerto Rican, a Peruvian, and some chic from Indiana, who are you going to pick to drive in snow? 😀 The Hoosier.


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