roadtrip 2007 South Dakota Storm

06-01-2007 South Dakota Storm
Leaving Crazy Horse at 1:30pm our next stop would be Chicago, Illinois which was a thousand miles away and a 15 hour drive. We had meant to stop at Badlands National Park but what we really wanted to do was get ahead of the rain. The last time we had seen the sun was when we first arrived in Wyoming days ago. Rina decided to do most of the days driving after she took over from Rick driving in the morning. We hit a hell of a storm on the interstate in South Dakota. I took as many pictures as I could from inside the vehicle as Rina has this weird driving philosophy of she does not like to stop the vehicle whatsoever, or make left hand turns, which is equally as strange. When we were driving into this storm though Rina was seriously absolutely terrified. lol

Not great pictures but i really wish the side mirror had been cleaned…

More pics after the break…

When it started getting darker and darker Rina let me take over driving and Ricardo slept through the night until we reached Chicago, Rina tried to stay awake but she was passing in and out, usually waking up at gas stations. By the time I did get to the west central side of Chicago I was completely delirious. I could barely manage holding my head up, the sun had risen, it was around 7-8am and when Rick asked me a question and it took about 3 minutes for my response he took over driving. A couple more miles down the road he found a hotel and we all crashed and got to sleep about 4 hours before heading to breakfast and into downtown to see the sites.


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