Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Curt and I visited Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge Park in Kentucky today. I realized afterward it really is not a day trip, but more of a weekend getaway kinda trip…… I pretty much dragged my brother all the way down there because the weather channel map said that that area was at peak…

Museum Plaza Groundbreaking

It was a gloomy evening in the ville but i was excited for the groundbreaking ceremony. Louisville has waited a long time for this so its a good thing. I just hope I’ll be able to afford one of the lofts 😛 the crowd watches on…

New Skyline Panoramic

Its actually the same old panoramic, but with a twist! I’ve added a texture to it so it looks like canvas. I also changed the framing and upgraded a little bit to make it a lot nicer. Also sold in one frame for $105

4×6 prints!

I finally received my 120 Kodak gallery 4×6 prints. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some self adhesive scrapbook paper to make the prints stronger. I then finished them off with a plastic sleeve and the sticker backing on the rear. They are going to sell at Kentucky Backroads for $2.00 each 🙂…


Something new 🙂 I’ve started to home-make bookmarks. I know its probably cheaper to make them with a company, but I’m actually enjoying the making process. Today i went around Louisville getting different panoramic views of the city. Something I will be doing more of! The photos that came from the Belvedere tonight were spectacular…..

Highschool track at Hanover

I rode up to Hanover College to watch my niece Isabella run cross country a couple of times this past month. I went with my sister Rhonda on 10-9-07 and I went by myself on 9-21-07. Going to these events will really give me great experience in taking sports photos. In fact I’m thinking I…


Josh, Rina, Curt and I went to the Louisville Zoo on Thursday afternoon. Got some cute additions to my picture collection. Curt also renewed our membership, Thanks Curt!


Went to Captains Quarters on Saturday afternoon to take pics of the boats. It smelled pretty bad down there so I left early. Word of advice, never park next to that dumpster with oil in it.

2007 Bluegrass Balloon Race

Ok so I really do LOVE Hot Air Balloons. How cool are they honestly. They’re awesome. You can’t deny it. Rina and I headed out to Bowman’s Field Saturday morning at dun.dun.dunnnn… 5am After some technical difficulties the show was underway. Love it. More pics after the break…

Business Items

I mailed out that postcard to several companies around Louisville. AND I hand wrote every single letter, I figured I might as well, I know I don’t like getting bulk mail. Handwritten equals sincere in my book. Well it turns out I got a call from the Frasier Arms Museum asking to pick up my…