Battletown, Kentucky

Battletown, Kentucky
So I went on a family history journey day trip with my Aunt Becky and Uncle Tom today to the olde home place. My cousin Angie and her children Hannah and Hunter came along. It was a really great day and a really fun historical fact finding trip.
More pics after the break…
Here’s some photos of the day.
First we drove by the ol church where our entire family apparently attended. Two of the stained glass windows were donated by my great grandfather and great grandmother and also another Hockman…..

We found a baptism registry that had my mom and aunt and grandmother and grandfather in it. Also had a full page of Hockmans in there from my grandmas side of the family. There were also books in the shelves that dated back to the late 1800’s. It’s the most intriguing thing to hold a 100 year old book in your hands.

Also even though in this area its past the peak for fall colors, they were still in full effect in the backwoods of Kentucky.

From there we went to the old cemetery and then onto the quarry that pretty much took over my grandmothers birthplace. We got to see the steam engine that my great papaw used to work with. The worker at the quarry said it was used to help cut out the Panama Canal.

We also drove by the elementary and high schools where my aunt and mom grew up. We saw some relatives at a restaurant in town which was really neat! Cousin Ronnie secretly paid for our lunch which was so very very very nice and just something we all didn’t expect! Also saw where my Grandma Louise used to work. Hannah found numerous cats to take home throughout the day!

We also drove by where my Papaw Valentours house once stood and we went rummaging through the woods behind the house and found some really great treasures. Lots of old glass bottles and mason jars, old beer cans that my papaw used to drink. We found two very old makers mark whiskey bottles and old car parts and stoves and pans just all kinds of cool stuff that makes us feel like we have something of papaws and grandmas now. It doesn’t really matter what we have, anything pretty much is a treasure. Its always nice to have something of the people you once cared about that have now passed on, it makes us feel closer to them. We also found my brothers tractor tricycle and my mothers tricycle. What finds!

I pretty much forgot to take pictures here as we ended up treasure hunting more than anything.
I got a scenic tour of Brandenburg, Kentucky as well with trips down to the river and all around town. I shot a photograph of my aunt and her family, which will be a present to her as a thank you for taking me on this history tour. And last but not least we drove by Doe Run Inn. I believe it was one of my grandmothers favorite places to go eat. We had one of her birthdays there 5-6 years ago. Lovely place!

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  1. debbielou1953 says:

    What memories! That is Doe Run Inn… History was Abraham Lincoln’s dad worked on it . Awesome place to go eat and the rooms to rent are like you are back in time 100 years.First time I got to eat there was with my 4th grade teacher Louise Angel. She would take groups of us on different trips when we did something good in class. Needless to say I got to go a lot! Most awesome teacher ever.Loved her.

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