Big Rock

I had to go take a picture for a customer of Big Rock in Cherokee Park. Ive went by there lots of times in the last three weeks trying to get a picture of it. Well its a rock, you wouldnt think it would be that hard. The first three times I got lost, the fourth I waited for my brother to meet me there than i lost the lighting i had earlier. and finally 5th time was a charm! I now know what Big Rock is and i now have a picture of it. YaY.

Cherokee Park is a 409-acre municipal park located in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. It was designed, like 18 of Louisville’s 123 public parks, by Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of landscape architecture. Beargrass Creek runs through much of the park, and is crossed by numerous pedestrian and automobile bridges. According to The Trust for Public Land, Cherokee Park has 500,000 visitors annually, making it the 38th most popular municipal park in the United States.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jason C says:

    These are probably the best photos of Big Rock that I’ve ever seen. Great work!

  2. Lizzie Morrison says:

    hey thanks a lot!

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