Star Trail Fever

It’s official, Ive got Star Trail Fever. After finally figuring out how to control my camera with opening the shutter for several minutes I now am a pro. ha ha. No seriously, when taking pictures tonight of the lunar eclipse i realized the stars were brighter than ever. If it wasn’t for my battery going dead I probably would have got some really great star trail shots. I did however did get at least a couple decent pictures of the eclipse itself. But in two years I will be ready for it. I came home and read a really long tutorial about taking photographs of star trails and i am ready to become a full time zombie and go out each night to try to pull this off. I really wish I had the chance to take photographs of star trails when i was in the desert, wow they would have been fantastic. Oh well, theres always room for another road trip in my life. So anyway I went and tested the star trail thing in the backyard, which was interesting because I live in the city so its pretty pointless. But it was just practice.

This picture was taken at 4:15am so obviously there was way too much light around, but I cant wait to take more in better circumstances. You can barely make out the tiny little trails, but i only had the shutter open for 1 minute. I cant wait to go someplace far away from cities and take a photograph with a 3 hour timer on it. I want the full deal, the entire circle. watch this space for future star trails!!

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