Future Endeavors…

So…. heres the current plan. I need to have multiple yard sales and Ebay sales starting this spring to get rid of everything i own. My parents certainly are tired of storing all my misc. things. There is a couple things i will hold onto though like my Christmas ornaments, there is no way i will be giving those up. And a few childhood memories and photos and all my travel momentos and journals…and all my books, so ok, I guess i’m not getting rid of everything. Anyway, moving on, after I sell everything i own and get some backstock together for the art galleries, I will be moving to UTAH. yes UTAH. goodbye great people of louisville…….
I will need to get a longterm storage unit for everything I want to keep. Preferably one underground and safe from tornadoes, lightning, and in a flood free zone. So if anyone knows of this place let me know.
So this is called my national park journey. I’m going to start working in national parks seasonally while changing parks ever so often. What better way to experience great landscapes by staying 3 months at the same location. As a national park employee you actually stay in the parks themselves. Yes, how cool, i know.

So heres the plan, I could either get a government job at the parks or go through Xanterra Parks & Resorts. After one location i will transfer to another and so forth on so on, you get the idea. I’m not sure I’ll be able to choose where I’ll get to transfer but hopefully I will. All this will build my photography portfolio insanely, why i didn’t have this idea when i was 18..is beyond me.

Starting off with Zion.. Bryce, Grand Canyon, etc etc etc. working my way up to Crater Lake, Yosemite, Olympic, etc. They give you a choice to either sleep in dorms or have your own camper, and i think after saving the money i’m going to have to get my own camper. I’ve been checking into them lately and I’d really like a contemporary green one.

I would love if http://sustain.ca/ would make one of these mini homes a tad more smaller and it would be perfect. The one on the site is mobile, but not as mobile as i need it to be.

It really is fabulous.

Heres another place:

How simple does this look? I would rather own 10 of these placed strategically across the continent than own a 5 million dollar house.
So heres another planned trip thats going to be pretty crazy, but don’t fret family i will be ok.
Neah Bay, Washington-USA to Glace Bay, NS, Canada
It’s around 4400 miles, it might take awhile to bike. My friend David from Manchester England is thinking about going with me on this journey. Thats after we take a bike trip from the northern UK to southern UK in the summer.

Also during all this when my sister says when i’ll be staying in Huntington Beach with her and Mitch for a month or so trying to get photographs of the west coast area.


I came across this place while watching the travel channel i think.. or even the history channel, im not sure. All i know is have you seen a more insanely beautiful place in your life? If you havent been here than probably not.
I must go to New Zealand.


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