By the river….

More pictures of tonights sunset after the break… Advertisements

Panography fun

So i used my niece tonight as a subject to try my luck at a bit of panography.Heres the results. Not bad, next time i’m going to seriously have her freeze every limb though so its not so hard to bring all the photos into one.

Star Trails – again……

So i read a tutorial online about how to make easy star trails. They were so right. Theres an action in Photoshop that lets you stack photos on top of each other. which is fantastic. Of course I’m in the city and i cant get great star trails. But at least I know how to…

A few lost pics

I found a few pics from my roadtrip of 2007 that were just sitting in a folder hiding.

Road Trip 2009

Liz and Rina drove a total of 4,275 miles from Sunday night at 10pm to Saturday morning around 10am. Thankfully I didn’t get shot or arrested in Texas due to Rinas mouth. Rina also got a speeding ticket for going 11 mph over and it was $480. A bit high! We witnessed absolutely not one…