Star Trails – again……

So i read a tutorial online about how to make easy star trails. They were so right. Theres an action in Photoshop that lets you stack photos on top of each other. which is fantastic. Of course I’m in the city and i cant get great star trails. But at least I know how to make them without all that extra light source!

This shot was made with 149 separate shots. and apparently an airplane.


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  1. Hey nice effort, I dunno how bright the city is that you live in but I have managed pretty decent trails in my back yard and its fairly urban where I live, but hey I’m in the UK (what do I know right 🙂 You might also like a programe called “Star Trails” available at I use it all the time and it uses far less RAM than photoshop, plus you get to watch the trails build, looks very neat!

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