California/Arizona pictures from 2000/2001

I am currently scanning negatives. It’s going to be a scary process, but it has to be done.
I was right.
The finished scans are pretty scary.
In fact they look seriously ancient.
They were pictures I took when I was like.. 19-20 yrs old. So like 9-10 years ago. Jesus
where is the time going.

AAAhhh i get it.. I was scanning in the negatives at 200 resolution..
well its starting to get better, but barely..
I’m new to this scanning negatives thing.
I think i might need a new scanner.

this is all from the same roll of film. So much fun, I never printed any of these out. Even though there crappy scans I’m getting happier with each picture. I really think they’re swell. It’s fun to see past travels through 19 year old me. This must have been my first trip to California and my second to Las Vegas/Hoover Dam.

well.. I’m 6 rolls done… and like 700 to go. Theres got to be a faster way.
HPscanjet5370c i wish you would be faster.

awww I forgot about this little boy.

I was at Hoover Dam going on my first helicopter ride and with me was a woman and her child. It was his first time as well in a helicopter so I took a few pictures of him to remind me of the feelings I felt, because the same feelings shown on his face.

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