For anyone who actually hasnt talked to me in a few

I’m actually scanning in negatives from high school days. I’ve scanned in 458 negatives so far and I am currently looking for another box of negatives I cant seem to find…..
I actually stuck in my prom vhs last night to give me strength to finish what I had out to scan. And I just need to say -wow. It was absolutely hilarious and dull all at once. I had to fast forward through a lot of the songs. And every time Carly the camera person came up to me I decided I had to have a conversation with her. They obviously edited out the parts I said curse words. Anyway back on track. After I have finished this fabulous task of scanning all these negatives and pictures in I’m going to make a book on Blurb. I love they are my people. Anyway the book will then be for sale to all my classmates so they too can cherish these lovely memories. So Class of 97, well i took a lot of pictures… Class of 00,99,98,97,96,95 be ready to visit the past. It just makes sense this way, because I can see me giving a cd of images to one person, then another person sees or hears of it and they want one. It would then escalate to me burning cds and spending a lot of time at the post office. so the book seems easier.
Disclaimer: No one is safe from my camera. There may or may not be underage drinking. There may be pictures of you and your now ex, its not my fault you broke up with the person, the pictures are still going in the book. If my ex has to be in the book, your ex has to be in the book. Its just memories so don’t be scurred.
But here’s a preview…

Class of 97 senior skip day & Senior hall fun

Yes we used to play basketball in roller skates & Carson yes, bread was a good idea.

We used to go camping & try to jump over fires.

Red for sale for some reason & good times at the Quarry

Mr. Hicks and the girls & volleyball was a fav amongst us

Senior girls by the lockers and & Jeff posing while in art class


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