Balloon Glow

Balloon Glow
ok.. I’ve sincerely decided to not frequent balloon glows anymore. As a photographer it is not an easy thing. I have been to many many many many balloon glows and their is 95% of the time 10mph+ winds on the ground…..
If you don’t get your pictures within the blue hour or that last squeeze of sunset than the rest of your pics are pretty much worthless. I think I have a good selection of stellar prints from all the balloon glows that I don’t need to go for awhile. Or if I do go, not take 500 pictures while I’m there. I honestly have 448 pictures in a folder from the Bluegrass Balloon Glow on Saturday night that I haven’t even opened. I’m sort of dreading it. Balloon races are another event all together. I love chasing those around because they usually go in a different direction each time and its daylight so you don’t need to worry about the outcome of your pictures. I just managed to be so excited about both events that I missed the balloon races this year. Boo.

I will be posting Balloon Glow pictures here as soon as i look at them though!


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