“The 800-seat Vogue Theater closed in 1998 after nearly sixty years as a movie house. Remembered by many for its 24-year run of the “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, the Vogue was the last single screen, privately-owned theater in Louisville. The Vogue, which specialized in independent, foreign and art house film, was the only theater of its kind in the city. After bleeding money for several years, the theater was finally shuttered, despite the support of it devotees who now visit the theater only in their memories.” -http://cinematreasures.org

For me it was interesting, i was one of those lucky children who had the gay older brother that insisted I go with him every other Saturday night to the Vogue Theatre to see Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was something new to me, I mean I was like 9-11 years old, I hadn’t even seen the movie before that, I hadn’t really seen any plays or theater before that. IT was such a unique experience to go to a “play/movie” and be involved in it as well. You know as a 10 year old I could say I knew the time warp dance by heart and knew all the stage music beats and it’s just a neat part of my childhood – How cool was I?


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  1. Sampa says:

    Hola!!! sencillo pero me gusta!!!

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