Norton Commons

Norton Commons
So also while out taking Emporis pictures the other day I came across Norton Commons. Wow what can I say, love the idea. In my head if i ever had a lot of money and land this is what I would do with it..except i pictured it somewhere out west, but this will do. My brother will totally disagree with this but I think the idea of a self contained subdivision is brilliant. It’s like a village. There’s not enough villages and small towns left in America today if you ask me. Instead of just another subdivision with the same 4 choices for designing your house Norton Commons has many different architectural choices which I find pleasing. This place is like Pleasantville in color/The Andy Griffith Show in a contemporary setting/ it’s nice to see small businesses inside a populated residential area. Enough with the Walmart’s and Mejier’s of this country. If I had the money I would move in that place right now and open up my own photography store around the corner, and then move my parents in down the street and have them run their own hardware store. It is so 2020 Mayberry. Here’s some pictures i took while i was there, strange making a wrong turn in and I ended up driving around for an hour or two. Love it. Love the layout too, I like the fact that the houses have back streets behind them so the garages are in back along with the mailboxes and trashbins. The less eye sores out front the better….


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  1. Kengot says:

    Nice photos are here.

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