I found the oddest thing in one of my pictures tonight

I took a new picture of the Zirmed Gateway Towers tonight and when I arrived home and was editing it I realized something weird is on the roof. Is that supposed to be there? Do I need to edit that out before I upload it to Emporis? I dont know.

Lens Flare maybe?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It might be the Christmas tree they put up there…don’t ask me why. I work at ZirMed and cackled at the thought of them putting a silly tree on the top of the building.

  2. Curtis Morrison says:

    “The door shimmers with a celestial intensity that is not easy to describe. I must say I always thought of it as a regular door with hinges and doorknob, it is not like that at all. It is a like a curtain constructed of geometries, like pentagons that are silver and white; essentially it is a transdimensional anomaly like the others I have talked of before. It is extraordinarily beautiful….”


  3. Curtis Morrison says:

    Jarrett thinks it’s a lens flair caused by the bright light on the 4th floor.
    But he also has trouble walking at night because he wears sunglasses.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is, in fact, a tree. The builder in charge of the project believes it to be a good luck charm to put a live tree on the top of the building. Since it is(/was) approaching the season, it’s an evergreen of some kind.

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