Gingerbread Fun

Gingerbread Fun
Yesterday I went to my sister R’s house and brought a Gingerbread tree and Gingerbread Men over to decorate with my niece and nephew. What I really was supposed to bring over was a Gingerbread House but everyone was sold out of them…then oddly enough when I spoke to my mother tonight she said that I had bought one already and it was in my grandmothers frig, so moms going to bring it into town tomorrow so I might be adding more pictures later. Anyway moving on..
I got the standard greeting when I got there…
And learned of A’s new spiderman scary pose.

I had A and K start on their Gingerbread Men while I carefully stacked the Gingerbread Tree. Austin was super excited to start decorating. Gingerbread tree…not as easy as it looks.

I iced up all three gingerbread men and the kids started right on them. Then out of the blue my sister S in from Cali suggested that A should do his like Spiderman. To this i stared at her for several minutes until she looked up at the distraught look on my face. haha. It ended up only taking a few minutes for me to ice it up like Spidey though so she was forgiven.

The icing for the tree turned out to be a pain though, it really took forever to get just right. Austin started on my gingerbread cookie when he was finished with his own so i could start working on the tree.

K randomly broke out into a lords of the dance jig mid-night.

The kids than ran off to help take out the outside Christmas lights to help S and R decorate.

K and A love to pose for the camera

Iss came home from a party and K loved this picture of her and the “lightning bolt”

Then A randomly broke out into a spin jig. he spun forever.

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