City Star Trails

City Star Trails

I guess the more I practice the better this will become. I tried again at getting star trails in the city. Not the easiest thing to accomplish, but this time I even didn’t have my camera battery charged all the way so I only got 192 photos from 8:17pm to 9:51pm, guess I didn’t have to leave my camera outside til 2:30a.m. eh? Star Trail Photos look so much better when you’re some place cool and not your backyard as well.. unless your backyard is cool……

If you’re wondering how this is accomplished let me give you a brief how to.
And heres a how to on how to actually photograph the star trails from someone that now’s how to do this way better than I know how to. His picture of the camp site is definitely one of my favorite star trail pictures I’ve seen yet.

well that was quicker than I thought. 😀

City Star Trails
Here’s another I tried after my battery charged up again. This one was taken with 189 photos, between 5:05 a.m. and 6:39 a.m. and one airplane streaked through.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    aaaah like your moms.

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