Louisville Skyline Pictures

Louisville Skyline Pictures
I  went down to the far end of the park to get skyline shots with star trails behind them and obviously that didn’t really work. I checked weather.com and it stated the clouds wouldn’t roll in til around 330am. I started taking timed shots with the Coolpix8800 at 1:15am.. and the clouds started coming in at 1:34a.m. which sucks cause its going to rain and storm and all that jazz, and then its going to be a full moon and such and I won’t be able to get the star trail pictures til the end of Jan. when there’s a new moon out. Oh well.. enough complaining!…

Tonight while walking along the river I noticed my initials are in the walking path with spray paint. After much deliberating I still have no idea what it really is supposed to mean. It’s probably something really easy and simple and I’ve just got no idea!

While the 8800 was taking the timed shots on its own, I grabbed the D80 for some random shots so I wouldn’t die of boredom watching my other camera take pictures for 2 hours. I did learn some stuff in the process though, I’ve never been on that end of the park for night shots. Usually I just go down there for sunsets and day shots of the city skyline. Tonight I realized when the barges come through the locks at the dam they have bright spotlights they just shine randomly all over the place. I’m not sure how this is going to turn out in my timed shots but most of the pics I was taking with the D80 were messed up due to random spot lights streaking across my photographs.

Ok for sure, that did not work. The ISO was only set to 100 so you cant see the stars, well you can barely see the masses of clouds that came over. But what you can see is that random spotlight glow, if youre wondering where… its all the blue light shown in the picture above.

This was a shot looking toward 14th street train bridge and Indiana. Those clear skies were over my head when i started taking pictures. The clouds do look pretty cool though.



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  1. Curtis Morrison says:

    2nd Picture above: AMAZING!

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