4th Street Live

I was going to take pictures of the surrounding areas of 4th street live last night. I know of course i cant take pictures of actual 4th street live because bouncers have ran me off before annoyingly, and i wrote an email and never got a response. Anyway i wasn’t out of my vehicle for 1 minute when i saw a guy walking briskly out of the corner of my eye toward me, so i only got one picture before I got back in my vehicle. hey it was 2 a.m. what can I say. The guy then ran across the street and got to my window and very sweetly while sticking out what looked like a hospital band that he had just got out of the hospital and wanted money or food. When I said I didn’t have anything to give him he threw his arms up in the air and muttered something in a not so sweet voice and walked away. It’s amazing how the tone of his voice changed so quickly. Anyway, I’m not an idiot. One doesn’t just get out of the hospital a few minutes ago and they are walking down Liberty from the west. When he walked away he was walking toward 4th street, 6 more blocks and he would eventually get to the hospitals and maybe his scheme would work there.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your to funny,Glad to see you recovered after the strugglw to help your MUM.!!Love Ya

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