More Stormy Weather

Tonight I was on Main street in Louisville and I could swear I was in a hurricane. I was trying to duck behind a building it was so bad, apparently 60 mph winds but it felt a lot faster. This is what that looked like from inside my vehicle.

Journey to Marble Hill

I randomly wrote stuff in my mobile as I went to Marble Hill in a quick journal type format. I hooked up my phone to my computer when i got home and copied it over. Basically it was just my thoughts and observations as I drove along the lone highway by myself to take photographs…

Playing with textures

This morning i took a picture of a Merry-go-round, which was lovely in the fog and darkness. Tonight i found a tutorial on textures and decided to try one out, I’ve never used textures in my life. Took about 5 minutes to learn but, i think the end result is pretty cool. i might be…

New Albany, Indiana

Bored with Louisville, I was driving through New Albany today and decided to drive around and find stuff I hadn’t taken pictures of yet. I found a a few things….

The Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge

I drove up to Cincinnati and Covington, Kentucky in July of last year and just thought i would share some pictures I had taken of The Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge. I absolutely love this building….


Recently I was discussing with someone about how insanely organized I am as a photographer. Here’s a screen shot of my Louisville Architecture Folder. This is just strictly architecture shots only in this city. I have other folders organized in other folders for everything else shown in the smallest screen shot. Click on the image…