Journey to Marble Hill

Madison indiana

I randomly wrote stuff in my mobile as I went to Marble Hill in a quick journal type format. I hooked up my phone to my computer when i got home and copied it over. Basically it was just my thoughts and observations as I drove along the lone highway by myself to take photographs at a place i hadnt been before……

Hwy 62
Police officer in median with lights off..check speed.. 10 mph under.. good
reminds self to pay parking tickets when arrive home
pull over for ambulance
sees distant police lights off side road with vehicle pulled over
sucks for them
dead skunk ugh this smell
white bunny crosses road
dead bunny on road
New washington highschool some sort of construction
new washington hasnt changed one bit since 1991
Marble Hill Road…nice road
Marble Hill Road..what happened to it being nice
look at google map directions
slight right? dont see it
miles road..
how did i get on this road
drives down scary hill
trees all around
seems like a road that you would see ghosts on
checks gas gauge..thanks god, cause this would not be the place to run out of gas
reminds me of playing Silent Hill back in the day
Bethlehem? have went 5 miles out of my way
turns around…goes back up creepy hill
Marble Hill Road….fog really thick. visibility 15 feet
finds Nuclear Power Plant
Gets out of vehicle.. cant see a thing…fox runs out in front me..get back in vehicle with lightning speed
Have i ever actually seen a fox in person before?
drives down road a bit.. turns off into side road
10 feet…Security Breach Signs.. cameras monitoring area.
turn around.. wasted visit
Marble Hill Road
57 Chevy in yard rusting.. dont these people know thats a classic and not a yard gnome?
cat just chillin in the road.. didnt move…odd
bird sitting in road..sees me last possible second and decides to fly away, almost hits windshield
bunny.. again.. thoughts of Donnie Darko and monty python and the holy grail seep into brain.. brain screams Ni, mouth doesnt bother to open.
Madison? Sees sign: Madison 16 miles….why not
Drives what seems like a hundred miles
FOG Fog and more fog
sees sign :Madison 9 miles… the previous sign was so wrong.
Driving downhill, sees the city of lights. some sort of plant…must take pictures at night of that at some point
wow madison cool historic buildings
wheres the bridge
ok.. i’m on the bridge
bridge tiny…scary….two lane…need map of Madison for real.
milton kentucky…turn around
bloody hell i have to cross bridge again
scary bridge…fog…reminds me of the mothman prophecies scene where the bridge plummets into the river
when the hell is sunrise
finds road by river…finds bridge…cant see it.. fog too thick.. curse the fog.
google Madison Sunrise….7:18a.m. …thats 2.45 hours from now. ugh
get out of vehicle…grab tripod..take pictures at kids playground..

trees look fantastically creepy..

Madison Indiana riverfront

still cant see bridge

Madison Indiana Bridge

maybe better luck in louisville then..not waiting 2.35 hours for sunrise
Hwy 62
Get Miles by Gomez blares in my cd player
I love this city, man, but this city’s killing me
Sitting here in all this noise, man, I don’t get no peace
The cars below my street take me away piece by piece
Gonna leave everything I know
Gonna head out towards the sea
Gonna leave this city, man
Gonna head out towards the sea
Get miles away
Get miles away
Get miles away
Get miles

seems to be my theme song here lately.. i love Gomez, has to be my favorite band..i so have a weird crush on Ben Ottewell
dead possum
Hibernia.. images of a fingernail being ripped off my finger while playing softball as a kid..played shortstop…good times
Charlestown State Park..really wish they would stop kicking me out at 11pm
Charlestown..what a douchebag of a town..keep driving
ammunition plant..must get in there at night to take pictures of abandoned buildings
City of Jeffersonville sign..immediately starts raining..
Home then
Realizes drove 104 miles round trip for picture of kids playground in the fog..
ah oh well
better luck next time


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  1. Bryan says:

    You want to go to Marble Hill? I know that place like the back of my hand, in fact, just went there last weekend. Check out my pictures: I would love to hear back from someone else about this place. AIM: bmnrhit07

  2. Nice spooky shots, that fog is trippy!

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