Birchas Hachamah – Blessing of the Sun

Birchas Hachamah - Blessing of the Sun


This morning after 3 hours of sleep, I jumped outta bed, and drove to the beach to get some sunrise shots by Deerfield Beach Pier. While taking pictures I met this wonderful woman who’s Hebrew name I cant actually spell come to think of it let me in on a little secret, (maybe Malka is how you spell it..) Well it’s common knowledge, I was just unaware of it all. She filled my head with wonderful knowledge, and religious history about a rare Jewish sun blessing called Birchas Hachamah. She said that the Blessing of the Sun occurs only once in 28 years and it today happened to be the day – April 8th 2009. One of the rarest and least-known practices in Judaism, the ceremony thanks God for the kindness He bestows upon his creations every day. This year the Blessing of the Sun occurs on the day before the Passover holiday which is extremly rare as that has only happened twice, in 1925 & 1309.

In Deerfield Beach, Florida this morning the Jewish community and I were blessed with perfect Birchas Hachamah weather. I shot 418 photographs this morning of the sunrise and magical event, then stopped to listen to the prayer for a bit before realizing I had only slept 3 hours and rushed back home. When I make it back up north I’ll edit and upload the photos to 


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