The Arizona Desert at Horseshoe Bend

There should be some sort of warning to those who are “still afraid of heights” when going to Horseshoe Bend. Seriously. laying down on the ground and shimming/crawling up the side of a jagged rock cliff to hang your camera over the edge to take a photo was not particularly enjoyable. It was a fun trip but sort of a failed trip. Granted it was only 147 miles from my place, so it was a quick trip but before i left I for some reason put my camera mount for my tripod in my purse, then looked down and saw an invisible one on the bottom of the camera i was taking so i removed the mount from my purse and threw it on my desk. When I got to Horseshoe Bend to get some night shots in the desert I looked down and realized I in fact did not have a mount on the bottom of my camera. Not sure how all that worked out in my brain but at least I didn’t have to hike with my heavy tripod. But I did have to get all these night shots without breathing or moving at all in the slightest. The next to the last picture in the series is what the rocks look like that you have to shimmy up.

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  1. deb says:

    # 66 is so beautiful.Is it the one looking over the rock!
    I’m so happy you are posting your pics again!

  2. deb says:

    Lizzie they are all so beautiful !

  3. I like the last one.
    I can relate to the “imaginary mount”-I remember seeing a cellphone one time when I lived on the river that ended up not being where I saw it. But I was 100% certain I saw it, but it wasn’t there. Damn skin-walkers.

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