Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

The Mittens

Jocelyn and I drove to Monument Valley today. Last time I decided to go around 230pm making me get there right around sunset and not being able to take a lot of photographs. Well today we decided to leave around 8am to give us plenty of driving time and the whole experience shockingly lasted a good 12 hours total. General Admission into the park was $5/person and the visitor center is open til 8pm during the summer. We did take a quick walk into the visitor center/retail shop but it didn’t really grab our attention seeing as you see the same gifts in every gift shop in the west it seems, made by the same companies.

We made our quick escape into the vehicle deciding on taking a tour of the park on the 18 mile round trip dirt/rock/sand road that goes through the park. I seriously own a 4×4 truck and was worried about the effects this road had on it. I’m pretty sure it is the worst road i have ever traveled on in my life and that includes the likes of buck and doe road which incidentally is also in northern arizona. The view was awesome and all and we got a great multi shot of Jocelyn while we were there, but that road pretty much clinched me never coming back to the park ever again. I’ll be happy with just taking pictures from the highway if i ever find myself through there again.

the food trailer inside the park

the three sisters

the $8 Navajo taco we had for lunch.

They really need to give people napkins and a trash can for this thing.

From the overlook

driving the horrible horrible road in the park

Love me some black and white, i haven’t taken B/W’s in a very long time

The monsoon season storm that decided to hit when we finally made it up that last hill to get back on concrete.

I hadn’t realized i had captured the lightning til i got home and was downloading the photographs! yay

From the highway, the famous shot i suppose, if coming from the south you have to drive about 20 miles

past the park entrance to get this photograph. It doesn’t look nearly as cool driving in from the south.

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  1. Jeff Van Houten says:


    I have an idea for your “merry-go-round at midnight” photo. Please contact me as soon as possible. e-mail or phone if you prefer (574) 376-0583

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