Moon Rise

The moon rising behind El Tovar Hotel in the Grand Canyon. The moon was gigantic when rising tonight. Its hard to get these night shots without a tri-pod, I’m thinking I will have to start bringing that with me everywhere as well. I don’t do many night shots these days with not living in a…

The bats are out and about

I walked out onto my balcony tonight to find a bat just sitting there. It didn’t move for about 10 minutes and then it completely freaked me out by flying away¬† while i was lying on the ground trying to get a close up of it. I never got the close up.

California Condor

Well, i finally had my first real California condor sighting the other day. it was pretty far away and i only had a few minutes to take pictures so they aren’t the best. i just wanted to post that it took me a full year before actually seeing one! The California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus) is…

Abandonded Home

I’ve passed by this house many times on the way to and fro, but never have stopped to take photographs of it. Well, until the other day. The sun was going down so I forced myself to pull off the road… Too bad I cant get closer…I love all things abandoned..

Golden Sunset

I was driving home tonight and pulled over to get pics of the sunset coming through the forest. Everything was so golden.

Another Decent Sunset

Lookout Studio at Grand Canyon National Park El Tovar hotel at Grand Canyon National Park Grand Canyon National Park Sunset Moon and Sunset Sunset Streaks

Taking a look inside Lookout Studio

Lookout Studio, known also as The Lookout, is a stone building located on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, within Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. It is part of the Grand Canyon Village Historic District, and is part of the Mary Jane Colter Buildings National Historic Landmark. It currently operates as a gift…

Do not feed the animals

No really don’t, they aren’t shy here, they attack and bite peoples fingers off. No seriously. I would never go near the rim with food, the squirrels shockingly will run up your legs and try to take the food straight out of your hands. This is because tourists feed them. so thanks for that. A…