I finally ordered my Christmas Cards

I used Redbubble.com this year to order Christmas Cards from various artists. I spent an ungodly amount of time choosing, but in the end it will be worth it to have the most unique cards.  I also picked out a card for each person i know depending on their personalities so it was all in good fun and kinda hard to be honest.  So here’s what I ordered….

Through the Eyes of a Child by bdazzled from Denmark

Our Secret Harbor by Foxfires from Washington

More after the break…

Xmas tree by SarahTrangmar from Australia

Dreaming of a white Christmas by Martine Roch from France

Crap, Its Christmas again! by yvonne willemsen from Canada

Closed for Winter by Lizzie Morrison

The Fox and the Forest by squirrell from the United Kingdom

Stealing Christmas by AngiandSilas from New Mexico

The Love Bird by Karin Taylor from Australia

Winter Creek by LizzieMorrison

antler girl’s christmas wish by Jessica Tremp from Australia

Definitely Naughty by AsylumWitch from California

Here Comes Santa Vader by Denise Abé

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Victoria _Ts from St.Petersburg Russia

Snow Balls by Ken Gillies from Edinburgh

Iced by Lizzie Morrison from Arizona

This isn’t the Santa we’re looking for. by Ken Gillies from Edinburgh

Xmas in a Galaxy far, far away by Denise Abé

First Frost byLizzieMorrison from Arizona

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