Twin Arrows, Arizona

Well starting off Road-trip 2011 I drove right on past Twin Arrows, which is an abandoned place I’ve wanted to photograph while in Arizona. turns out it is 108 miles from where i live.

So obviously i turned around here to go back as i was super stoked.

So this is the view of the San Fran Peaks located in Flagstaff, Arizona

Yep, so not as exciting as you thought eh? Well i was reallllllly disappointed with the concrete barrier around the entire property and its absolute ability to not having any parking whatsoever. I actually had to stop on the exit lane itself and snap a few shots and then get going again. I will spend more time later looking for ways around these bogus road blocks.

Here is a view of the abandoned buildings left of the arrows. There is an old trading post there and a cafe.

I’ve seen some pretty cool photographs of this place while browsing Google pics. I just have to make a day trip of it and go back with a plan!

Some cool Twin Arrows shots from other photographers

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