Two Guns, Arizona

So traveling 11 miles further down I-40 you come across Two Guns, Arizona. Two Guns is a ghost town that used to be a tourist stop along route 66 back in the day. It was housed with a gas station, a cafe, souvenir shop, and overnight accommodations. There’s also a sign and fence up from an old Mountain Lion Zoo that included panthers and bobcats as well. I’m definitely going to have to day trip this one again as well and get some night shots. Painting with light is my favorite thing to do and it’s been ages since I last played.

I’m not sure what this used to be, there’s  a lot of broken glass and nails on the ground. The pillars held up some sort of sign i suppose, just can’t find any old shots of it intact yet.

Lovely glass and nails.

Route 66 building

The only inhabitants of this here town

Cropped from picture above..I mean seriously.. the D7000 is the bomb.

Well, there’s one gun..

A bikini clad storm-trooper in an abandoned graffiti-ed pool. indeed

One of those overly processed HDR images… 😀

I always take welcome sign photographs when I’m leaving, it’s like eating dessert first.

One Comment Add yours

  1. zomg. that mobile home is nekkid.
    love the stripper/stormtrooper. great pictures, lizzie.

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