Highway 89A never disappoints

I’ve experienced Highway 89A back in 2008 on a road trip with friends north of Page and thought it was the most beautiful road i had ever driven on. I even tried to move there until i realized you cant really buy land there at all. Anyway, I took Iz to Sedona and Jerome the…

Sorry havent updated in awhile

But photoshop wont load up on my computer for some reason. It’s really tedious trying to resize with paint and put the stamp on in imageready and then print screening shots and saving them in paint again as jpegs. I’m just sayin!!! ANYWAY! I SAW MY FIRST SAGUARO CACTUS ON SATURDAY! YAY!

Rock Springs Cafe

After leaving Phoenix the other night we stopped in at Rock Springs Cafe for some grub. I ordered an aussie dawgie dog for dinner. it was good stuff. I really want these little cowboy hats for my sauces at home. Issie enjoyed her buffalo chicken wings immensely.