Roadtrip August 2011 Day 1

My niece Iz and I went on a road trip for her last 5 days in Arizona and we saw some amazing things. It was a fabulous road trip, with around 3000 photos to show for it. My computer has been transferring the pictures now for an hour and 10 minutes so eventually I’ll get to start posting them…

Road trip 2011 started off by us watching Heroes the night before til the wee hours. I eventually fell asleep, but I’m pretty sure Iz almost finished the first season before she started work at 645am on Sunday. As soon as she got off work she turned in all her employee paperwork and packed a few more things, we were on the road. We left the Canyon around 5pm so not many pictures were taken on Sunday night, but I do have a few. We stopped for gas at the GC Watchtower station, Iz got in her last jewelry buying spree by the stands outside the park, saw a rainbow, went onto the Cameron Trading Post to get some Sacred Tacos of the Navajo to go, and Iz bought some salsa and Fry Bread dough to take home, we saw one heck of a storm around Lee’s Ferry, and drove on through half the night to just outside Zion National Park to spend the night at the Golden Hills Motel.


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