Waking up to Zion

Waking up and wandering through Zion National Park is otherworldly. This was mine and Iz’s first time at Zion, and it made us both want to get seasonal jobs so we could live here.. I was so floored by the beauty at Zion i hardly took pictures while we were there so i definitely need to go back and spend more time in this majestic part of the world.We didn’t stay as nearly long as we should have, but i had this whole crazy road trip thing planned and there were sort of time restraints going on.

MSN/Bing recently came out with this article on favorite national parks in the US that i read yesterday. It had listed around 20 national parks and i was surprised to see Zion come in dead last. I mean are you kidding me? that place is awesome! Just do an image search for Zion narrows, or Zion subway. Just because something like the Grand Canyon is most visited and one of the largest doesn’t mean it should always come in first place.


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