Food Review – Cameron Trading Post’s Restaurant

The menu at Cameron Trading Post’s restaurant is a pleasant mingling of American, Mexican, and local cuisine. While you will find all your traditional favorites, you can also enjoy a more adventurous culinary experience. Our famous Navajo taco for instance, served breakfast lunch, and dinner. Navajo “fry bread”, a fresh, springy bread that is patted flat and deep fried to a golden brown, smothered with a spicy combination of ground beef and beans, and topped with chopped green chile, fresh lettuce and tomato, and tangy cheddar cheese. Without a doubt our most popular meal. Visitors to our restaurant, whether local, guests at our Grand Canyon area hotel, or just folks enjoying a Southwestern vacation will enjoy their meals at the Cameron Trading Post Restaurant.

This summer i took my niece Iz to Cameron so she could experience her first Navajo Taco. Since I have had them before many times I opted to try something new from the menu. I believe I got the roast beef.. now I’m not so sure actually, I mean it was in August. haha, OK so this is a horrible food review. All I got is a photograph and it was AMAZING..whatever the hell I ordered. Next review I won’t post 7 months later. 😀


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