Missing the Miami Sun

Considering I’ve just hit my two and half year mark living in Grand Canyon National Park, I’ve realized how much I miss taking architecture photography. I miss seeing gigantic buildings towering over my head. I miss the Florida sun and the rich blue skies. It snowed yesterday here on April 1st. I guess that’s what we get for living at such a high elevation. I’m pretty sure it was snowing in May or June last summer now that I think back. I realized a few days ago that my Miami Florida album had about 6 photographs in it on my website. Today I decided to conquer uploading a few more. As I do that it makes me miss it terribly. Not that I want to live there again, oh hell no, I just need to visit a city. Any city. Soon. I miss being able to walk down a city block and have 30 choices of restaurants to walk into. Hell I miss being able to go to Walgreens at 3 in the morning. I currently live 80 miles from the nearest Walgreens. How I have lived here this long is beyond me.


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