Just for the record.. the merry-go-round photo is mine.

This is what happens when someone removes a copyright on a photograph and re-uploads it as their own. You don’t get credit on the photograph on the thousands of websites it gets uploaded to afterward.

And for all you lovely people who had the balls to put your own copyright over the photo and upload it to your website.. yes, I will be in contact.

And for the band in China who is using it as a cd cover for your band…



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  1. Anonymous says:

    thats mine and you know it…..lol

  2. OMG…..That’s HORRIBLE!!!!

  3. do you mind if I share this link with friends? Only to show why copyrights are so important….This really pisses me off.

    1. please go right ahead and share away. I was in a lawsuit last year because an advertising company took one of my photographs and used it for a campaign for a city. It’s just ridiculous! Copyrights=super important

  4. It’s a lovely photograph. I hope you receive compensation for your art.

  5. azita says:

    Love your photography! How do you know/find out when others take your photo though???

  6. Lizzie says:

    Thank you both!

    Azita- you can load a photo into google image search and it does a reverse look up! It’s pretty handy 🙂

    1. azita says:

      I didn’t know about that – very cool! Thanks for letting me know and also: very happy to find your site and photography!

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