Originals and Edits..aka photoshopped.

So, My boyfriend Tom just watched me edit the new photos I recently got back from shooting. Now all I’m hearing out of my right ear is “cheater” every 5 and a half seconds. He seems to think the originals are better than the edits. Also, that editing a photo is cheating lol, I was…

storms and lightning

There was a storm tonight I realized when I awoke from my nap. I grabbed my camera and drove 20 miles east of here so I could get far enough from the lightning to be safe. I realize now I really need a zoom lens, and one that can focus to infinity before I leave…

Originally posted on Lizzie Morrison Photography Blog:
Apparently..Louisville has more aesthetically attractive manhole covers than anywhere else in the world. So I went out to test this theory. I was in the vehicle for 45 minutes and stayed within a 2 mile radius. It’s no joke…..  

Searching for a Mary Colter Bench

    Tom and I drove out west tonight deciding last minute to find the Mary Colter Bench below the Hermit’s Rest building. Luckily the gift shop was still open and nice gentleman that works there said he would take us down into the canyon to show it to us when they slowed down a bit….

Published book cover

Zooland: The Institution of Captivity by Irus Braverman recently used one of my photos in a book Available in October.

Another look at Desert View Watchtower in the Grand Canyon

Last summer my friend Calum and i headed out to Desert View Watchtower to get some shots before he went back to Scotland. My computer wasn’t functioning at this time, so I keep finding photos from trips that i haven’t blogged about yet. As the saying goes.. Better late than never.

Beaver Street Brewery – Flagstaff, Arizona

A guest came up to the canyon this past week and gave me sincerely the nicest card I have ever received, including a gift card to Beaver Street Brewery in Flagstaff. Tom and I headed to town on Wednesday so we went out to eat at this fine establishment. Tom got the BBQ special for…